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The East Coast Liberal Elite

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 10:31 AM

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Korra Anger.gif by Hofftits

Shock!tober continues unabated!

Just a few things...

I. I'm digging Book IV of The Legend of Korra, although... i really think the other shoe needs to drop soon.  I admit, i'll be a little let down if this season, the final season of the Avatarverse ever, comes down to Korra fighting a determined dictator who wants to reunite the Earth Kingdom which was... already united before.  We need something bigger, right?  Something having to do with Raava and the spirits and the existence of the Avatar and all of that?  Something that pulls it all together?

I guess we'll see.

II.  I'm currently frantically turdpolishing my 2012 works before moving on to my 2009 works.  I didn't think... they needed... much help, but some of them do.  Not much help, but a few tweaks here and there are making them look more solid...

Acaciathorn's Evergreen Zoel by Chronorin Alexis Kingsley: Rise of the Queen of Scales IV by Chronorin Murk No More by Chronorin Scourge by Chronorin Psilocyber and the Ash Rat by Chronorin Zoeldome by Chronorin Catgirl by Chronorin 
...yeah, you can tell these look a bit better. 

III. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that i don't really know who Ultron is... he appears to be some sort of wonderful mechanical man?

IV. Reading about :iconvanheist: VanHeist's plans to get serious with his Bomangoverse, move away from DeviantArt, get paid more, and quit his day job... are making me really think long and hard about what i'm doing.  So far, i'm still kind of mired in loserdom, a journeyman with no professional destination.  I have to get from here to somewhere else although i'm not entirely sure how. 

V. Today, i'm thinking about the East Coast Liberal Elite... why?  Well, when i hear NPR in my car on Sunday mornings, they play a show called "Says You!"  It's a show of wit and wisdom, bluff and bluster, don't ya know. It features two teams of recurring panelists who answer incredibly tricky word game questions that require quite a bit of education.  They play for "points," although these points hardly matter, and are often rewarded for shows of verve and humor.  It's all so... fancy.  You can just see the sweater vests and corduroy jackets with leather patches on the elbows.

You know what kinda questions they ask?  This is the last one i remember...

"Preposterous. Gigantic. Cephalopod. Monopoly. Sophomore -- which of these words does not belong?"


...tricky, right?  

But after a few minutes of mulling and musing, they get the answer.  "Gigantic" does not belong because the other four are all oxymoronic if you examine their parts; i.e., Pre(before) + post(behind), Cephalo(head) + pod(foot), Mono(one) + poly(many), Sopho(wise) + more(fool).

...ain't that something else?

I kind of sigh when i hear this show.  It is... a rare glimpse into the fancy Boston east-coast liberal world of Harvard and Yale, of large patrician families like the one that Ralph Fiennes belonged to in that movie Quiz Show, its big family Christmas dinners followed by wassailing and brandy, it's old family money and charity luncheons and regattas off Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, it's your dad explaining that he voted for Romney instead of Obama because, well, Mitt let him copy his Lit notes that one semester.  It's mittens and crossword puzzles and coffee and handwritten letters and girls named "Phoebe" and sweaters and encyclopedias and all that stuff.

Oh, what a world.  We're taught to fetishize Hollywood and New York, but what about the old elite empire stretching across Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine?  Can't you just see these people?  Enjoying the brisk autumn air, sipping their pumpkin spice lattes and wondering where to summer next summer?  Listening to "Says You!" on a Sunday morning?


I sometimes wish i could have been part of that world.  It's not a world you can enter, you kinda have to be born into it. 

Me, i'm still stuck in Shitville with the asshole losers.  I graduated with honors from Fuckface Academy.  

It ain't the same, Charlie.  It ain't the same.

Sometimes, i just wish i had some other life.

....anyone here belong to that world?  Anyone here know what the hell i'm even talking about?


The Wall of Turdpolish
Final Pass

  Lily Lipsky by Chronorin  
Lily Lipsky II by Chronorin  Wesley and Lily by Chronorin   Little Bat Koku by Chronorin  Little Bat Koku II by Chronorin  Punky Kabuki by Chronorin  Vile II by Chronorin  Blue Rabbit of Destiny by Chronorin  Libertina by Chronorin  Ella Metal by Chronorin  Multiwa and Vancuria by Chronorin  Eric Muck and Isabella Sludge by Chronorin  Zinc II by Chronorin  The Guardian Legend by Chronorin    She-Hulk by Chronorin  CyberZoel 3014 by Chronorin  before they were Creepy Freaks by Chronorin SuperCell by Chronorin  Natasha Kowalski by Chronorin Garden Slug Girl III by Chronorin   Nurse Yuukai by Chronorin  Chesia by Chronorin  Alexis: Transformation by Chronorin  Zoel and Rana: Lost Forest III by Chronorin  Selene Wayne by Chronorin  Kagome Venom by Chronorin  Zoel circa 2004 by Chronorin  Acaciathorn's Garden Slug by Chronorin  Zoel Cocooned I by Chronorin  Zoel Cocooned II by Chronorin  Zoel Cocooned III by Chronorin  Maria the Mud Puppet by Chronorin  Acaciathorn's Murk and Zoel by Chronorin  Acaciathorn's Zoel and Shaktizar by Chronorin   Terra Branford the Esper by Chronorin  Faith Ceres by Chronorin  Light Warriors by Chronorin  Rydia of Mist by Chronorin  Cecil Harvey by Chronorin  Cloud of Darkness by Chronorin  Trance Kuja by Chronorin  Zemus by Chronorin  Rikku: Machina Maw by Chronorin  Scorpina and Dragonzord by Chronorin  Astronema by Chronorin   Garden Slug Girl by Chronorin  Garden Slug Girl II by Chronorin  Jessica Forbes: Mutant Ranger by Chronorin  Murk at the Beach by Chronorin  Zoel is the Girl with Stars in her Eyes by Chronorin  Scarlet by Chronorin  Elass by Chronorin  Murk: Cinderfield Black Labels by Chronorin  Aurora: Total Eclipse by Chronorin  Silver Cybergirl by Chronorin  Zoelsalute by Chronorin  All your Base... by Chronorin Pris by Chronorin  Scorpion Boss by Chronorin  Facebook Tron Girl by Chronorin  Le-Kun's Warriorguy by Chronorin  Cascade III by Chronorin  Ann and Alan by Chronorin  Becoming Muck: Image by Chronorin  Queen Beryl by Chronorin  Ashrat I by Chronorin  Zoel in a Tankini by Chronorin  Grendel's Mother by Chronorin  Brutality of Linson by Chronorin  Zoel in the Wild by Chronorin  Aurora: Solar Flare by Chronorin  Synthea and Murk by Chronorin  Piper V: Defiance is fruitless by Chronorin  Zoelshifty armorsuit IV by Chronorin  Nine Lives by Chronorin  Natasha Kowalski's Night Garden by Chronorin

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I seriously cannot stop watching this scene:… 

3 deviants said Oh, that's a classic right there. Love it.
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3 deviants said What, did you have a few drinks this morning before posting this? I think you did, didn't you?
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There are lots of versions of the Sephiroth theme, but this is one of the best.  It's bonkers.
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Hey man long time. Hey i got a question to ask you if its ok. May i have permission to use one of your slimes as a base to help draw my characters slime form if its alright?
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