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Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2016, 9:27 AM

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First off, you probably know i'm gonna say SUPPORT ME ON PATREON!

Here is my Patreon Page:…'re gonna want these new drawings i'm working on of Rita and Insarn.  You really will. 

With that out of the way....


I never really got involved in the whole "Gamergate" fiasco.  As someone who never plays videogames, I didn't really understand what the issue was, and didn't much care.  However, I do feel personally invested in what is coming to be known as...


...why?  Because I do watch a lot of movies.  I love a lot of movies and there are a lot of movies that I dislike.  There are many reasons why people like and dislike the movies they do, and these reasons are entirely personal.  Some of my favorite movies are bizarre oddities that no critic would call great (Project A-Ko, The Legend of Billie Jean, Rock and Rule) and I dislike a great number of movies that are critically acclaimed (Argo, The Pianist), and I LOATHE a number of movies that are very popular (Jurassic World, every Transformers movie ever.)

Taste is subjective.  We all know this.

So, like any rational person, I'm flabbergasted at the negative reaction to the negative reaction that many people feel towards this new Ghostbusters reboot.  The ultra-liberal SJW crowd has declared, in no uncertain terms, that anyone who says this movie looks like an aborted dog turd is.... wait for it... sexist.


Come on, look at me.  I tend to like female protagonists as much, if not more, than male ones.  Just as the Spoony One recently tweeted, when it became apparent that both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rogue One featured female heroes, I didn't even notice their gender.  Why would someone like me who watches The Legend of Korra and Steven Universe even notice, let alone object to, having female characters in a movie?  

I roundly mocked Aaron "Captain Capitalism" Clarey and the other MRA goons when they whined about Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road.  

I worked on a feminist art & poetry magazine in college, for goodness' sake.

I'm not a card-carrying feminist or Social Justice Warrior, but you cannot call me a sexist or a misogynist.

And yet, that's what's happening.  I'm surprised at the articles I've seen on reputable websites that ooze with SJW hatred.  Anyone who doesn't like the shitty Ghostbusters trailer is labeled a "manbaby" or said to be "throwing a tantrum."

It's the other way around, babies.

The ultra-left culture warriors have become so trapped in their bubbles that they can no longer tolerate anyone who disagrees with their highly personal opinions.  I would challenge them -- watch the Ghostbusters trailer again, but now imagine that the four female leads have been replaced by the four guys from Hot Tub Time Machine, and that Chris Hemsworth's dimwitted secretary has been replaced by... oh, say, Kate Upton.  Does it still seem like a good movie to you?

I thought not.  

Look, I understand the reasons why the special snowflakes are acting out.  Long before these trailers were released, the very notion of "female Ghostbusters" became a point of pride for the Social Justice crowd.  I recall seeing a headline nearly a year ago showing an early promotional still with the caption "This will be your new favorite movie!"  That's a bold claim that is not likely to be true for many people.  And believe me, I understand what it's like to want a movie to be good, or great, despite all evidence to the contrary.  

Remember The Phantom Menace?  Like most Star Wars fans, I had a pretty huge emotional stake in that film.  In the theater, the very experience of it was exciting enough to trick me into thinking it was good.  After viewing it at home... hoo boy, did the shine wear off.  I tried to rationalize it.  It will all make sense as part of a trilogy!  Lucas is deliberately creating a childlike atmosphere that will make the later installments seem darker in comparison!  You must have retained a sense of childlike wonder to get it!

The Phantom Menace was not the first time i've been let down.  You have no idea how much I wanted Batman & Robin to be a good movie.  Or Super Mario Brothers.  I wanted to love them, but... man, those were stinkers.  Heartbreaking failures on every level. The best that can be said for them is that they're so horrendous that we can now revel in their badness and laugh at them together.  Maybe one day, Ghostbusters will be so bad that it's good.  But for right now, it just looks baaaaaad.

The thing is, when people said that The Phantom Menace sucked hard, I didn't berate them or call their morals into question.  I said... yeah, you might be right.

The hysterical defensiveness of the Ghostbusters apologists reminds me of the way that right-wing Christians act whenever some new, shitty religious film like God's Not Dead or Heaven Is Real gets panned.  People who don't like it are anti-Christian!  I think it's great!  It really is great!  Okay, it's not great but I have to defend it and support it!

I would talk about the hilarious defensiveness and obstinance that conservatives exhibited over the massive failure of the Atlas Shrugged film series, but... oh, hell, those are so forgotten you wouldn't even know what I was referring to.

These similarities in reaction are not coincidental.  More and more, Social Justice Warriors remind me not of liberals like myself, but of Conservative Christians.  (Not normal Christians, the really, really Bible-thumpy ones.) You might say that their worldviews are as opposed as can be, but "worldviews" are only a small part of what makes a person.  Humans only have a certain range of behaviors and mentalities, and these cut across random cultural barriers all the time...

...think about it for a moment.  Conservative Christians believe that all humans are born "with sin."  That all normal human appetites and activities are inevitably tainted by "sin."  

Social Justice Warriors believe that all humans are "oppressive" and "culturally conditioned" to oppress one another, and that all normal human appetites and activities are tainted by this.  

Conservative Christians believe that one must always be on guard against sin.  Every lustful action, every venal impulse must be denied with prayer and self-restraint.  And in most cases, the thought alone is as bad as the transgression -- looking at your neighbor's wife is just as bad as actually sleeping with her!

Social Justice Warriors believe that one must constantly "check one's privilege" and subject every potentially offensive thought or action to a rigorous self-examination -- using offensive language and mansplaining are just as bad as rape!

Both Conservative Christians and Social Justice Warriors are humorless, moralizing scolds who declare all people fallen, imperfect, and misguided, and only through bowing to their demands can anyone be saved.  And while Christians offer the specter of eternal bliss, Social Justice Warriors offer... I don't know, a lifetime of being inoffensive and hideously neurotic and boring?

They're the same sort of people, just with different labels. 


I wonder if anyone read all that.

In conclusion: if you hear anyone claiming that the only people who dislike the new Ghostbusters movie are misogynists, call them out on their knee-jerk idiocy.  Ask them to watch the trailer for Paul Blart: Mall Cop and when they say it's horrible, accuse them of being a sizeist who hates all fat people, or something.

Hey, that reminds me!

Did you know that they're also doing a modern reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


I'm a huge fan of the original, of course.  I even dressed up in silly clothes and went to the midnight showings in my youth.

My reaction to this?  More positive than my reaction to the new Ghostbusters.  Sure, I feel its probably unnecessary, since the original is still great, and it looks like they're doing a faithful shot-by-shot remake -- an homage, really -- rather than lazily rebooting the story.  I find that more palatable, for whatever reason.  I assume the songs will be the same?

Probably unnecessary.  I don't think kids will understand the appeal of Rocky Horror in a modern world where porn and sleaze are readily available, but hey, have a crack at it.  I'm willing to watch it with an open mind.  Who is that playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter, is that a man or a woman?  I DON'T CARE.  

Unlike the Ghostbusters trailer, it doesn't make me cringe and shrivel up into a ball.

I'd love to hear what you guys think.

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A note to my beloved Patreon Patrons!  All six stages of the Tasty Paste Transformation sequence are, like, 96% done.  I will start posting them on Patreon tomorrow, I think.


Man... every time I have a spare moment, I just sit back and marvel at how much has HAPPENED this year so far.  I started with a long list of goals.  With the year almost have over, which ones have I accomplished so far?

-- Moved to new place in new town.
-- Upgraded computer, got Windows 10 and latest version of Photoshop.
-- Started my own Patreon.  
-- Bought microphone and learned how to record audio in Audacity.
-- Finish those Interchange City character sheets (well, two are left...)
-- Obtain videoediting program. with six months left in 2016, what else is left to be done?

-- Learn to use videoediting program and actually start posting Youtube videos.
-- Start Gumroad account so non-patrons can buy my bonus picture sets. (Patrons pay less, obviously.)
-- Get copy of Zbrush and start relearning 3-D modeling.  

....whew.  All while still working six days per week and caring for three rambunctious dogs.

Speaking of dogs, here's Luna and Shorty continuing to bond in their own special doggish way!

What is best Radiohead?
24 deviants said ( I don't Radiohead...)
9 deviants said OK Computer.
4 deviants said In Rainbows.
2 deviants said Hail to the Thief.
1 deviant said Pablo Honey.
1 deviant said Amnesiac.
1 deviant said The King of Limbs.
No deviants said The Bends.
No deviants said Kid A.
No deviants said A Moon Shaped Pool.
Hot dog!!!!

I just got two new Patreon patrons.  Big thanks to J.A. and M.B!  Your support means a lot to me, you have no idea... and I promise that, despite everything else that I'm trying to do and learn, creating each month's Bonus Content will always be my TOP PRIORITY.  If that ever changes, I will stop accepting donations.

-pinky swear-

I'm still working on this month's Tasty Paste sequence, and am racing to get it done as soon as I can.  (Gonna be six stages instead of five...)  I've said this before, but your support gives me license to indulge in all the cute sexy stuff that I had been moving away from.  I could see me using half my time to do landscapes and boring stuff, and then half for SEXY CUTENESS.  That is the plan!

Thank you again!  PATRONS RULE!!!!

Chronorin's Song of the Day for June 22nd, 2016 is "Pepper" by the Butthole Surfers.

.....god, the '90s were weird. 
Tasty Paste Patreon preview by Chronorin
Tasty Paste Patreon preview
Just a little teaser of this month's patreon bonus content!

You know you want it.

My patreon:…
When it comes to Patreon, i don't just talk the talk, i walk the walk.  If you're wondering who i personally support, i support :iconacaciathorn:, :iconssakurai:, :iconcharlottechambers:, and the Drunken Peasants Podcast.  We are all worth paying money for!


Oh, god, this year never stops... i took my car in for repairs and they'll cost over $3,500.  My brother said, at this point, i might as well just put that money towards a new car.  CRAP.  I hate it when real life suddenly happens.

I am not a car person.  I don't have much passion for them.  I just want them to be cheap and efficient.  But i do have to have one.  I envy people who can either bike or take public transportation -- that's only realistic in more urban areas.  I live in the boonies where everything is spread out, my job is 40 miles away, and there are no sidewalks.  This is just a land where you can't do anything without a car.  

How many years until we can depend on an Uber fleet of self-driving autocars for a flat fee per month?  I'm looking forward to that future.

Anyway... the plan for right now is to squeeze a little more life out of my old Honda Civic.  Top off the fluids frequently, and drive all summer with no air conditioning.  And plan on getting a new car... at some point.

It might be possible, although i'll be eating a lot of rice and beans for the next few years.  Because rice and beans are cheap, see.

Chronorin's Song of the Day for June 20th, 2016 (The Solstice!) is "Fight Test" by the Flaming Lips.

....there was about a 5-year period where Wayne Coyne was one of the best songwriters on the planet.  He wasn't before and he isn't now, but around 2007?  The guy was inspired.

What is best Radiohead? 

24 deviants said ( I don't Radiohead...)
9 deviants said OK Computer.
4 deviants said In Rainbows.
2 deviants said Hail to the Thief.
1 deviant said Pablo Honey.
1 deviant said Amnesiac.
1 deviant said The King of Limbs.
No deviants said The Bends.
No deviants said Kid A.
No deviants said A Moon Shaped Pool.


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Yeah, it sucks that people can't bicker and argue but still remain civil.  It helps to grow up with a brother that you can constantly argue with, because at the end of the day you have to move on and work together.

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