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Leonard Nimoy, David Bowie, Ronda Rousey.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 9:40 AM

Locations of Site Visitors know, my best friend and i have an ongoing thing, wherein we pretend to revere the cast of the original Star Trek as demigods.  We're half-joking of course.  He is a devout Shatnerian, who worships the Shat as the true savior of humanity, while i am a dissident Nimoid who believes that Leonard Nimoy is the real messiah...'s all in fun.  We even wrote a silly poem about them.  You should read it.

The Bastion of Shatner                                                          I. Initiation
William Shatner, the magic-man rice snatcher, record-breaker ice smasher, fetch me a lie detector, you know I tell the truth, and I'll put it to the test and I will best the best while William Shatner beats the rest.
No easy feat, you know it's true, impossible for you, hoo-hoo, but not for Mr. Shatner, he will beat them through and through.  They fall onto their knees, hands shaking violently, they beg and then they plead because they know GOD. IS. SHATNER.
William, William, Mr. William Shatner.  Do your thing and bust it up, you own it, Mega-Shatner.  The master, the faster, the wily, needlless to say, the death of Leonard Nimoy made us very sad.  


I don't need to go over all the reasons.  Everyone else already has.


Even though i'm finishing fewer works these days, i really like everything i've completed in 2015 so far.  You guys might really like what's coming up next.  I can feel it.

Foooosh.... apart from working, and working, and working some more, and walking my dogs, my only other endeavor is listening to all 26 of David Bowie's studio albums.  I tried to do this before, back in 2006, but i only got about halfway through.  My brain was not yet of a large enough size, and i ended up latching onto his more accessible albums like Hunky Dory and Scary Monsters, and not even really listening to stuff like Black Tie White Noise and Lodger.  This time through, i'm really digging his obscure stuff, especially his trilogy of '80s sell-out albums, especially Never Let Me Down, which is painfully '80s in every way.


Either you know who he is, or you don't.  My coworker said "who the fuck is David Bowie?" which is not surprising these days, i suppose.  He's... he's the Sovereign from The Venture Brothers, you know?  Or Jareth from Labyrinth?  Yeah.  Bowie's days are over.  But the man made some great music.  But... like, it's hard to even recommend his songs.  Whenever i hang out with a younger person at work and the subject of music comes up, i remember that all the music they love, all the music that they grew up with, nearly all of it is modern pop/rap/dance.  And modern pop music of that sort isn't bad, necessarily, but it's all easily digestible.  Slick beats, sexy vocals, sparkling production, bouncy lyrics.  It's a bunch of ear candy. Some of it i like, some of it i don't like...

...listening to David Bowie is different.  Like other acts of yesteryear, it's hard to like his songs on the first listen.  They are strange and dense and full of cryptic lyrics and threatening, ominous soundscapes... those days, lyricists would write things that used so much random imagery and metaphor, the meaning of a song was not immediately obvious.  I like the song "Time Will Crawl," with it's lines about Top Gun pilots, black streams, giants and churches -- but i'd never guess that it was about the Chernobyl incident if Bowie hadn't said so at some point.  It was just... different back then.  Music wasn't just a bunch of singles, it was albums.  You'd buy an album, and you'd listen to it over and over because it might be awhile before you had the $16.99 to buy another album, so albums were involved, dense, complicated objects meant to be digested over a long period of time.  And every song wasn't instantly likable -- some were meant to be challenging, or uncomfortable, or just plain bizarre.  For decades, rock artists were rebelling against the notion that music had to be pleasing, polite, and fun... which is how it is again today...


I'm rambling.  I need to go walk my dogs and then sleep.

Here are a few neat Bowie songs.

If you're interested.

This song is supposedly about the threat of nuclear war, a concern not relevant to today's music fans.

This song is so unhinged, its beautiful.


Yes.  Bowie.

One more thing!

I love Ronda Rousey!  This woman is a beautiful death machine!

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Do you watch Gotham? Did you see this scene?… 

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Remember, i can start that drawing at any time when you decide which pose you want.  Unless you just want me to pick one?
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Sounds good. I'll start on it on my next day off. This will be a very good portfolio piece for me, so it may take me a bit of time to finish it. Like the Aries pic I did recently, I want to do more involved works that take weeks to finish but are of a slightly higher quality than my normal stuff.
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