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Korra Korra Korra (The August Staycation)

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 12:04 AM

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Korra .gif by Hofftits

Whoa, you guys.

Just like everyone else, i really, really, REALLY loved the end of the third book of The Legend of Korra.  I mean, i liked most of the first two books, but this third one is where the show finally goes into overdrive.  Zaheer, the Red Lotus, the death of the Earth Queen, Jinora becoming a Master, Korra reaching a truly low point (and NOT being magically saved by Daddy Ghost Aang)... it's all spectacular.  

It sucks that there's only one more season left... but damn, i am looking forward to it.


I've also finally (again) caught up with good old Naruto.  The Ten-Tails... Team 7 back together... Hashirama and Madara... the four zombified Hokage... also some good stuff.  What can you say about Naruto except that it's Naruto and we're still somehow watching it after 500 freaking episodes?  

But there's one thing i wonder at... most people who ever watched this thing, one of my favorite parts was when it was revealed that Tobi, the goofy incompetent jokester, was in reality some sort of secret dark powerful badass.... Madara Uchiha, or rather, Obito Uchiha acting in Madara's place.  But... now that we know all about Obito, doesn't it seem strange... unlikely... nearly incomprehensible... that he would disguise himself in such a manner?

I mean, Obito Uchiha is a gloomy, depressed, forlorn, empty-hearted lost soul of a broken hollowed husk of a shell of a man.  He cares nothing for the world, and claims to Kakashi the he no longer feels anything, "not even pain."  Really?  So when he decided to go undercover, he disguised himself as this cheeseball?

.....but why?  Why would he have that notion, and how did he have the spirit to maintain such a cheery facade?  I mean, it was funny, but hardly necessary.

Wouldn't it make much more sense to disguise himself as "the guy who doesn't talk because an enemy cut out his tongue" or "the guy who's a golem who just does Lord Pain's bidding" or some other identity that would allow Obito to just sit back and observe and work in the shadows?  Why did he feel the need for all the foolery?

I dunno, man.  It seems a bit off to me.  I'm not sure if Kishimoto had it all planned out, ya know?

I miss Tobi.  I kind of hope that when Obito is gone, the old Tobi pops back up and says "heeey! That guy was just pretending to be me, i'm the real Tobi, gee-haw!"  Wouldn't that be awesome.



Enough about silly awesome cartoons.  

The big story this week is that i'm officially ON VACATION for the next five days.  Unlike the other two vacations i've taken in the last couple years, i'm not going anywhere or doing anything adventurous or interesting or stressful.  I'm just going to draw, and download some software, and listen to music, and work on a Wix portfolio, and other really boring things.

And that's wonderful.  

Oh, i will be meeting up with my online buddy Metamorphaxx one night, in order to break out some Photoshop science.  You've seen a lot of his characters in my gallery, right?  Metamorphology, that rings a bell?  I've wanted to meet the dude ever since i learned that we coincidentally lived in the same freaking area.  

Small world, huh?

Should be cool.



Upcoming Drawings:

Aries Passadar for Zucca-Xerfantes
Jean from Attack on Titan for Barlee
Sakurin for OverlordOfNobodies
Anko and Kurenai Oni Transformation
Chibi Ameelia Zeero for Metamorphaxx

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Thoughts on the third Book of Korra so far? 

15 deviants said It's fucking awesome! Maybe the best season yet?
8 deviants said Toph is imminent. I repeat, a Toph is imminent.
5 deviants said It's good. Not great. But pretty good.
5 deviants said What? That's on right now?
3 deviants said I miss pro bending.
3 deviants said Other (tell me.)
1 deviant said Now we know how Lin got those scars...
1 deviant said Where's Koh?
1 deviant said Hey, if Zaheer is always visiting the Spirit World, do ya reckon he's talking to someone? A certain Noatak, perhaps?
No deviants said I got tired of that show.


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The rest is gold.
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I don't know if you saw, but Aries has herself some proper armor now... ;)…
Chronorin Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Damn... i kind of wish i had used that in my version.  Hmmmm.
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It was only recently finished and I wanted to see your version ^_^
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