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Starlight Memories (there Lived a Glass Spider)

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 3:44 AM

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Oh, god, must draw.

I must draw but i'm sooooooo sleepy.

Why oh why must it be this-ah way?



I may be utterly exhausted from working six days a week, and sitting in the Vet's office for hours this morning while my poor old dog gets fluids pumped into him, and doing laundry in a crowded laundry room, and all this other stuff.... but i feel pretty good right now.


Well, for one, i'm still chilling to the mellow grooves of POWER 85: which offer infinite inspiration.

And i'm still listening to David Bowie.  And you know what is strange?  I always heard that Bowie's 1987 album Never Let Me Down was his worst album, an embarrassing sell-out piece of garbage, a dated '80s relic, a horrific misstep that should be purged from his catalog, and even despised by Bowie himself...

...but i'll be damned if it's not one my favorite albums of his.  It's glorious.  I love it.  I believe the time as come to critically reassess the merits of Never Let Me Down because it is worthy of much admiration.  Who cares if you sold out the in the '80s?  The '80s were not a time to make deep and soul-stirring artistic statements.  It was a time to have stupid hair and wallow in cocaine and groupies while making a lot of money.  David Bowie did that.  Mission accomplished, sir.  Probably more interesting that what Bob Dylan was doing in 1987.

Wait, what was i talking about?

The main reason i feel good is because i don't have any obligations at the moment, so i can finally revel in this Oni Spree.  I'm working on the final sequence of course, which will be followed by the thing where YOU get to vote on the winners of each battle, followed by a Gigantic Merged Queen Oni thing, followed by some cute perfect forms, and oh god it's gonna be glorious!

That will all take at least the next month or so.  Apart from two more pics for Flagellant-Chicken, i don't have any commissions going and don't really want any.

After the self-indulgent Oni Spree? 

I plan to pause.  Work on some digital painting, do some textbook studyin'.  You have been warned.  


...tonight, my brother and i finished blowing through the final Book of The Legend of Korra and watched the last three episodes.  It made me sad all over again.  

My brother isn't the type who reads a lot of industry gossip online, so he wasn't really aware of all of the problems that Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino had with Nickelodeon and getting this thing to the finish line.  He just knows it's a good show, and deserves more.  And i was thinking... first, i thought Bryke were shirking their duty a bit, ending the series with a rousing adventure that didn't feature the death of Korra, the end of the Avatar Cycle, the exile of all the spirits, or some other world-altering stuff.  I think they did that because they know there's a chance for more.  Maybe?  

Nothing ever ends anymore.  Maybe, maybe Netflix or Hulu will buy the rights from Nickelodeon.  Maybe three or four or five years from now, we'll read that, yes!  Netflix has announced two new books of The Legend of Korra are in production and slated for release in 2019, and the word from the series creators is that it will be darker and more mature than the first four seasons, and explore the adventures of Korra & Asami  as they.... etc, etc.

I mean, image the hype from the whole same-sex thang.  People are all into that now.  The word we're looking for here is groundbreaking.

It might not ever happen.  

But it could.

Let us all wish that into being.

-wishes it into being-


( other news, i learned how to make my own General Tso's chicken at home, which is actually better than the stuff in restaurants.  To quote Mr. Bowie, you never knew that, that i could do that.)

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