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2017: The Year That's Still Mostly in the Future

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 7:54 PM
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Last year was rough, and i was very busy a lot of the time with annoying "real-world" type stuff.  But all that is mostly over... except that i might have to take a week off so we can FINALLY paint the trim in this darned house.  We were supposed to do that a long time ago, and it has to happen at some point. 

2017, though, is gonna be a great year.  How do i know?  Because 2009 and 2013 were both strangely awesome years, so... numerically speaking, every fourth year is a good one.  Maybe!

But oh, i am so excited with all these things i'm working on.  Last year, i  made the acquaintance of about five new fans who plan to commission me to do a lot of ongoing projects.  Iguara is just the beginning!

You know who you guys are, and i deeply appreciate your interest in my work and i hope i don't ever let you down.  I'm itching to start on the Slug Comic, the Time Gal Comic, the Chie Sequence, and all these other sweet ideas...

Of course, there's also Patreon to talk about!  

The 12 Perfect Onis by Chronorin  Slime Furries on Gumroad by Chronorin

....after several massive projects, i'm scaling back my Patreon offerings to a more reasonable 3-4 pics per month, rather than 6-8.  This is to give me more time to work on commissions.  I've also lowered the price for basic access from $10 to only $5, so if you hesitated before to support my work, it's a lot easier now.

One of the biggest Patron-supported Projects that i'll be starting on very soon is THE DISNEY PRINCESS TRANSFORMATION SERIES.
I'm so excited for this.  I've been brainstorming with my new pal Ne0natomy, and we've come up with a list of ideas.... starting with Beast Belle and Caterpillar Alice all the way to Shark Moana and a Snitch-ified Lilo & Nani.  

Basically, if you want to see me draw damn near every Disney Princess in a cute mutated form inspired by something in their universe, this is the year for that.  The mutated cuteness will be off the charts.


I might have the next two days off, and that's what i'll be starting on.  Patrons, you are in for some great stuff.  

2017, baby.  Let's make it the best year ever.


I support my artmaking with a Patreon that you can find here:

Gumroad Collections:

  Tasty Paste Sequence on Gumroad by Chronorin  Sailor Scout Transformations at Gumroad by Chronorin
Usagi's Inflation Comic on Gumroad by Chronorin  The 12 Perfect Onis by Chronorin
Slime Furries on Gumroad by Chronorin

 I've started a Youtube Channel with my best friend, called Audimated Thought:…


Here are some of our videos so far. We're just getting started, and there will be MUCH more in the future. Like, comment, and subscribe!


Also, I have a pretty cool ArtStation Page…

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @marclhommedieu

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Zoel Loftsara Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Murk Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Garden Slug Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Alexis Kingsley Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Synthea Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps…………


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Arrgh... i thought i was done with car repairs for the moment.  Then, this morning as i was leaving work, my battery light started coming on and going off.  I'm really glad that Google exists, because i am very car-ignorant.  I searched for -- hey, what does this light mean?  And the listicle that popped up pretty much said 1. Don't Panic and 2.) GO TO A MECHANIC RIGHT NOW.  IT'S EITHER YOUR BATTERY OR YOUR ALTERNATOR.  

Since my battery is brand new, i knew it was my alternator.  So i ended up spending a few more hours at good ol' Colonial Automotive and spending a few hundred more dollars.  Sigh.  But hey, i guess 12 years on my first alternator isn't bad.

With Old Jimmy back at work, it looks like i'll have two days off per week for the time being.  Oh, i will drawing so much and this is lovely. 


Check out these great clips i snagged.  I will be using them in future videos, as little stingers when mocking regressives, racists, and misogynists.  OH, the PWNAGE!


Trakeena's Mirror
Here is a Trakeena commission for :iconautopilot633: Autopilot633!

...i really never get tired of drawing this character.  Everyone should draw Trakeena.  If i could, i'd start a "Everyone Draw Trakeena!" fad... i feel like i've never seen a top-shelf artist like :iconartgerm: or :iconvashperado: take a crack at her.  That would be amazing to see.
You know, i have a pretty cool network of fans and collaborators going on at the moment... :iconacaciathorn: :iconne0natomy: :iconzoe-the-pink-ranger: :iconautopilot633: :iconkingmonster: :iconoverlordofnobodies: :iconmaetch: :iconlittlegreengamer: :iconkaijuduke: :iconadamthejoker: :iconplatinumwaves: :icontasakeru828: :iconlordaltros: :iconkamenmaster:, just to name a few... (apologies if i left anyone out...)

...but even so, when i look back at my gallery, it's strange how many old pals and collaborators are no longer around.  Online acquaintances come and go, i know.  Still, i wonder what happened to some of these people.  I find myself wondering, where'd Lyanyne go?  Why'd CMunkii, a crazy talented artist, suddenly vanish one day and leave no trace?  
What happened to Significant-Pie and his brother, who were creating some interesting stuff?
What about the people like BurkeOnTheSly and Barkis and all the other people who i seemed to talk to all the time, and then they just went away?  What about Armendangerous and ProperMutation and Flagellant-Chicken? 

I know what happened to SOME people.  Legend20x went to college, graduated, and went to work in a real industry.  CaptainTomX, apparently, is a history teacher now?  What the hell, he was some goofy kid, now he's... teaching history.  That blows my mind.  It makes me feel like i missed the boat somewhere... that i should have moved on to some higher level in life, to the point that DeviantArt no longer seemed like a good use of my time -- you know, working a better job, getting married, having kids, etc.  I have this lifelong fear of being left out, left behind, not getting to where i'm supposed to be.

I am kind of a simple person.  I tend to keep doing the same things for years and years.  I'm not sure where the line between "determination" and "stagnation" is.  

I was walking around my beloved Workplace K yesterday, thinking how much i love the place... and then realizing that there's a danger there.  Because i'm so loathe to leave the place.  (Last year, while still at Workplace R, i did go and get a new job.... only to hate it utterly, and quit after two days.)  Like most people, as i get older, my appetite for total life change seems to be lessening.  There's only so many times you can tear everything down and start over.  The fact that i can talk to people at Workplace K and we both remember things like the flood of 2010... is valuable.  Since i don't have much in the way of family or belong to a church or any other sort of community... it's like, damn, this place is all i have.

Workplace K.  DeviantArt.  My brother, and my best friend.  Those are the pillars of my life.

Anyway, for the people who are here and reading this, i'm glad you're here.  Believe me, i have no plans to ever vanish.  I hope DeviantArt doesn't go anywhere.  If it does, i'll be crushed. 

I can't think of a song for today.
So hey, i made a new video... which i had to reupload because of mysterious audio issues.
Click it and give me a thumbs up, yeah?  No politics, just blabbing about movies!  

2017 Blockbuster Movies!

I've been too busy with drawing to make many videos... but i have spent the last few weeks stitching this together.  No politics, just me blabbing about the upcoming 2017 blockbuster movies!  And as always, there are sexy surprises.


Why is Usagi's Inflation Comic my best-selling bonus content by far?… 

21 deviants said It's Sailor Moon.
20 deviants said I have no idea.
18 deviants said It involves inflation.
10 deviants said It's a comic. Comics are cooler than just images.
5 deviants said Other (tell me.)


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