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Why I Suck at Dating (stupid personal shit)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 25, 2014, 7:31 AM

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One thing you should know about my is that i suck at dating.  I'm horrible, and no one should ever be with me, ever.

I'm not sure why i posted a personal ad online.  It's easy and it's free, right?  Because i haven't dated anyone in over a year, and i get that voice in my head that says "you're never going to meet anyone at this rate, and you'll die alone and miserable!"  

(I hate that voice.)

Surprisingly, i actually got some responses this time.

This girl hit me up, and we texted for a few days, talked on the phone.  

Agreed to meet.

I was a little dubious, because she was younger than me.  Not just a little younger, but a lot younger.  But you never know, right?  What if it's fate?

And she lives rather far away.  

But hey, you never know.

So i picked her up.  We hung out, watched a movie, went out and had a late-night meal.  

But... i dunno, i didn't feel the spark.  You can't fake it if that initial feeling isn't there.  I'm sure you've had people ask you out, and even if there's nothing "wrong" with them, you just don't feel what you're supposed to feel.  So i drove her home after telling her... i'm sorry, i'm not feeling it. 

I didn't lie to her.  I didn't pretend in order to get sex.  I could have.  But that's totally horrible.  

Now she thinks i'm an asshole.  That i'm a creep.  

I might be.

But i'm an honest creep.

And now i feel bad, because i really hurt her feelings and she said "this always happens to me."

I don't... i don't like dating people who are instantly seeking a long-term relationship and looking to fall in love forever.

Which is strange, because i'm actually pretty loyal.  (Heck, when i adopt a puppy, i know i'm going to take care of that puppy for their entire life with no wavering, never neglecting them for a single day, never even thinking of giving them up...)

This is the problem with me.  I'm binary.  I'm all-or-nothing. 

I hate to think that life is just as cliched as the movies; that i'm just a guy, and guys like challenges.  I think i'm unable to really like a woman who just likes me too much immediately.  You have to make us work for it. 

I guess i'm a cliche.  

You know who i want?  I want a TOUGH girl.  I want a brash, loud, opinionated, strong girl.  There's this girl who lives across the way here... she always wears tank tops and basketball shorts with her hair in a ponytail as she's walking her enormous white husky dog, and she's kind of short and chunky but with muscly arms and she walks with such confidence.  She's probably a lesbian, i dunno, i've fallen for lesbians before.  I just love the toughness of girls like that.  I don't want a girl who acts like Daenerys Targaryen in season one, i want a girl who acts like Daenerys Targaryen in seasons three and four.

And i'm by no means a macho man.  It's not physical toughness, it's mental toughness.

I gotta give up on this for a while.   The truly pathetic reality is that when i make these absurd, aborted stabs at dating, i very quickly realize that i don't have the time.  

Between working 5-6 days a week, doing commissions, fixing my older drawings, learning Illustrator and InDesign, taking care of my dogs... i'm literally busy every hour of every day.  

I tell people that i haven't been bored in 15 years and i really mean it.  There's never even enough time to do the things i'm already doing.

I'm a selfish creep.  

I refuse to just go with the flow of humanity.  I can't just... settle.

I suck.

Jeer and throw things at me.


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The Legend of Korra -- Book Four Preview!… 

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ShonenJUMP3000 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
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Hmm, not sure.  I have the lines for stages I-V, but they are sort of on the back burner at the moment.'

Few weeks.  Maybe a month.  Then the the next three will be along at some point.  Stay tuned.
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