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Just Another Week

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 5:24 AM

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It's almost a holiday?

As i write this, it's early on Wednesday morning.  Tomorrow is turkey day.  I was just walking my dog, and i could see people warming up their cars and hitting the road to go somewhere else.  I'll be honest, i wish i was doing the same.  I like road trips.  I like flying on airplanes.  I like going places.

I can't really say i'm thankful for much.  Nothing really good has happened in quite a while.  All year, all i've been doing is working, and working, and drawing, and working, and applying for jobs, and working, and drawing, and working some more.

This time of year is supposed to provide one with, you know, a break.  I wish i had some days off from my job.  I wish i had a home to go back to.  I wish i was going somewhere to shove food in my face and get drunk or whatever.

On the radio, there's all the usual Thanksgiving fluff.  Weather reports for travelers.  Recipes for different types of stuffing.  Cranberries.  How to talk to crazy conservative relatives.  Humorous anecdotes about family touch football games...

...and it bugs me how absolutely none of it applies to me.  

I'll be working on Thanksgiving night.  

I'm starting some new drawings.  

Just another week i guess.

Christmas will be much of the same.

It just goes on and on and on and on and on.  

I thought i might get somewhere different this year, but i'm right back where i started.

When will i be able to make something change?  What do i have to do?


I'm thankful for my dog.  I should walk her again.  She's such a great dog.

I wonder what YOU are doing.


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Should i post more works-in-progress, linearts, etc, so you can see what I'm working on at the moment? 

17 deviants said Yes, that would be fun.
5 deviants said No, that crap just spoils the surprise. I like to see the finished works appear from the blue.
No deviants said I don't care. Fuck off.


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Happy Dinovember!
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I didn't know that was even a thing. I do love your avatar, though. Slap dat tail.
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Full disclosure -- i was working with a guy named Erwin R. tonight, and when he found out i was an artist, he insisted we look at your page.  I don't know him too well.  

You draw such awesome beasties!
SilverWolfJudge Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Hey man, how ya doing?
Chronorin Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Pretty good.
SilverWolfJudge Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
That's great.

How's the drawing?
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