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2017: The Year That's Still Mostly in the Future

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 7:54 PM
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Last year was rough, and i was very busy a lot of the time with annoying "real-world" type stuff.  But all that is mostly over... except that i might have to take a week off so we can FINALLY paint the trim in this darned house.  We were supposed to do that a long time ago, and it has to happen at some point. 

2017, though, is gonna be a great year.  How do i know?  Because 2009 and 2013 were both strangely awesome years, so... numerically speaking, every fourth year is a good one.  Maybe!

But oh, i am so excited with all these things i'm working on.  Last year, i  made the acquaintance of about five new fans who plan to commission me to do a lot of ongoing projects.  Iguara is just the beginning!

You know who you guys are, and i deeply appreciate your interest in my work and i hope i don't ever let you down.  I'm itching to start on the Slug Comic, the Time Gal Comic, the Chie Sequence, and all these other sweet ideas...

Of course, there's also Patreon to talk about!  

The 12 Perfect Onis by Chronorin  Slime Furries on Gumroad by Chronorin

....after several massive projects, i'm scaling back my Patreon offerings to a more reasonable 3-4 pics per month, rather than 6-8.  This is to give me more time to work on commissions.  I've also lowered the price for basic access from $10 to only $5, so if you hesitated before to support my work, it's a lot easier now.

One of the biggest Patron-supported Projects that i'll be starting on very soon is THE DISNEY PRINCESS TRANSFORMATION SERIES.
I'm so excited for this.  I've been brainstorming with my new pal Ne0natomy, and we've come up with a list of ideas.... starting with Beast Belle and Caterpillar Alice all the way to Shark Moana and a Snitch-ified Lilo & Nani.  

Basically, if you want to see me draw damn near every Disney Princess in a cute mutated form inspired by something in their universe, this is the year for that.  The mutated cuteness will be off the charts.


I might have the next two days off, and that's what i'll be starting on.  Patrons, you are in for some great stuff.  

2017, baby.  Let's make it the best year ever.


I support my artmaking with a Patreon that you can find here:

Gumroad Collections:

  Tasty Paste Sequence on Gumroad by Chronorin  Sailor Scout Transformations at Gumroad by Chronorin
Usagi's Inflation Comic on Gumroad by Chronorin  The 12 Perfect Onis by Chronorin
Slime Furries on Gumroad by Chronorin

 I've started a Youtube Channel with my best friend, called Audimated Thought:…


Here are some of our videos so far. We're just getting started, and there will be MUCH more in the future. Like, comment, and subscribe!


Also, I have a pretty cool ArtStation Page…

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @marclhommedieu

Current Movies: Suicide Squad, Rush.
Current TV Show: Vikings, Archer.
Current Tunes: BT, Yes.
Current Foods: Spinach Soup.
Current Drinks: Milk.
Currently Feeling: it begins, it begins now.

Zoel Loftsara Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Murk Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Garden Slug Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Alexis Kingsley Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Synthea Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps…………


Marc L'Hommedieu
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"A man shitting in a hat is not enough; he must shit in two hats, and then spill one of them." -- Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

"That is most of it, being a wizard -- seeing and listening. The rest is technique."
-- Schmendrick the Magician

"When I was alive, I believed -- as you do -- that time was at least as real and solid as myself, and probably more so. I said 'one o'clock' as though I could see it, and 'Monday' as though I could find it on the map; and I let myself be hurried along from minute to minute, day to day, year to year, as though I were actually moving from one place to another. Like everyone else, I lived in a house bricked up with seconds and minutes, weekends and New Year's Days, and I never went outside until I died, because there was no other door. Now I know that I could have walked through the walls."

-- The Skull.

"The first duty in life is to assume a pose. What the second is, no one has yet discovered."
--Oscar Wilde

“Meaning is not in things but in between them."
-- Norman O. Brown

You're never going to find true happiness, what are you gonna do, cry about it?"
-- Weird Al Yankovic

"What's wrong with running away from reality when it sucks?"
-- Shinji Ikari.

"Life IS pain, your highness. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something."
-- Westley, The Princess Bride

"I'm not in the business of seeing whatever pleases YOU."
-- Master Shake

"This is why i hate middle-aged people -- all they want is attention."
-- Super Milk-Chan

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-- Bender

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-- Ralph Wiggum

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-- Stephen Gooch

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-- Gandalf.

"The Universe is not mystical in how it exists, but in that it exists."
-- Ludwig Wittgenstein.

"All you need is love. Love is all you need."
-- John Lennon.

"There's no such thing as love. It's just another puffed-up word used by Madison Avenue to sell their skin creams and two-seater cars!"
-- Stewie Griffin.


Disney Transformations Preview
....just a quick glimpse at the lines for this month's Patreon Perk.  They will look much better with colors and backgrounds.

Aww, Beasty Belle is so fluffy i can't even!

So far, i have at least 16 of these planned out over the next year or so.  What do you think?

Overgrown Oni: Poison Frog Ino
...and a special birthday commission for :iconne0natomy: Ne0natomy!

"Yes, after their defeat, they separated out into their Perfect Oni forms... they thought that the destruction of the Oni Queen severed the ties they had to the Spiritual Oni inhabiting the gems responsible for transforming and controlling them. However, it merely merged them together, causing their Oni natures to become a benign extension of themselves. Soon, they desired power once more. Again, their bodies began to expand, absorbing mass amounts of chakra, becoming "Imperfect Oni." They knew that another merge would be inevitable if they remained in close geographic proximity to one another. So they all decided to disband and travel to the four corners of the world, away from the temptation to merge (even if it was into pairs) where they would attempt to live in isolation and control their forms.

Both Sakura and Karin stayed in Japan, though they inhabited different islands. Hinata went to the misty rainforests of the Amazon in South America. Ino took refuge in the humid swamps in Central America. Anko settled in one of the many extensive badlands in what we know as Argentina (or Australia, I can't decide). Kurenai made her home in the dense forests of what we know as the Canadian wilderness. Tsunade wallowed in bliss within the deep jungles of Southeast Asia. Mei made her home in an active, volcanic crater on one of the many islands we know as Hawaii. Tenten settled in the rocky hills of Central China. Temari took refuge in the Gobi desert of southern Mongolia. Konan lived amongst the beautiful and dense foliage of Indonesia. Tayuya traveled to the roof of the world, Nepal, where she could play her flute in peace, the thin air keeping her head clear.

Though they were all content to live out their eternal lives in isolation, eventually, the natives became drawn to their powerful chakras. Despite their protests, the people began to venerate them as mighty beings and protectors. Some of the more primitive tribes even worshipping them as great demigods.

Though their human side wanted to reject such worship, the Oni side swelled with pride and hunger. Eventually, their two sides settled on a compromise, favoring the Oni side; for it's in an Oni's nature to dominate, rule, and become empowered! However, it would be different this time. This time, they would heed their ninja vows. Instead of selfishly draining resources and chakra to grow infinitely in power, their relationship with the people would become symbiotic. They would protect them and bring them good fortune, using their powers to benefit their adopted cultures. In return, the people must freely offer them their chakra in desperate times (though sparingly and divided out among many people as opposed to draining everyone's chakra completely, giving the people time to recover and preventing the Oni from becoming too gluttonous). They must also provide them with food or nutrients.

And so, the New Oni (as they called themselves) lived in relative peace for years, being loved and feared throughout the lands they dwelled in. But perhaps, the day may come where they would have to return to Japan, should a greater evil manifest itself and threaten the world. And only the combined might of the New Oni can stop it!"
-- Ne0natomy
I was tagged by :icontasakeru828: Tasakeru828!  Here we go....

1. What are you top 3 favorite colors? 

Green, blue, sunset orange.

2. Favorite regular animal?


3. Favorite mythological animal?

Compassionate Conservatives.

4. Digimon or Pokemon?

Neither.  My generation was Transformers and G.I. Joe.

5. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Sigh... i have sworn off sugar, but i love anything chocolatey and nutty with marshmallow
and nougat and caramel and such.  The brownish/tan sweets.  

6. Name of a good fanfic you've read.

Oh god... i'm not sure if i could find it, but there was an epic Kim Possible & Shego fanfic that i think was called "Under the Milky Way Tonite?"  It was my first exposure to the power of fic to surpass the limitations of source material in an interesting and responsible way.

7. Name of a good webcomic (if you read them) that you like?

I've recently become enamored of Rebecca Cohen's "Gyno-Star."

8. Do you use Twitter?

Yes!  Much more than lousy Facebook.  Follow me @marclhommedieu

9. Do you use Tumblr?

No.  I hate it.  It detracts from the glory of DeviantArt.  

10. Most aggravating aspect of being an artist in your field?

Never enough time to draw the 50 things i want to every day.  

11. Do you prefer to work traditional or digital?

D I G I T A L.  What i do now is like some shit we dreamed of back in the days of TRON.

12. Favorite Disney song ever?

Oh, dang... Either "Let It Go" or Frollo's "Hell Fire" song.

13. Your most favorite fandom currently?

It's hard to say.  Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and Miraculous Ladybug all kind of mix and meld in my mind.  I like anything with sexy monster characters.


1. What led you to DeviantArt?

An online buddy named Gustav from Sweden insisted i join in 2003.  Thank you, Gustav, wherever you are.

2. Who are your favorite artists, in any field (including writers, actors, etc.)?

There's no way to include them all.  Stephen King.  Bryan Cranston.  Scarlett Johanssen.  J.R.R. Tolkien.  VanHeist.  Everyone involved in anime.  Brian Transeau.  Zack Snyder.  REM.  Single Cell Orchestra.  Freddie Mercury.  Whoever made "Frozen."  Whoever made "Rock and Rule."  Christopher Nolan.  

3. What keeps you on this site?

Everything!  It is my life's blood!

4. What's your fandom(s) of choice at the moment?

I feel like i already answered this. 

5. Your spirit animal? (Or FAVORITE animal, if you must be boring about it...)

My jackrat terrier, Luna.  

6. Who is a DA user whom you'd follow anywhere, to any other site?

VanHeist. Acaciathorn. LordAltros.  CurtSibling. A lot of others.  Too many.

7. Henri Bergson was a great opponent of Cartesian dualism, who resisted the classification of psychological phenomena to physical states. What are your thoughts on this issue?

The infinite conflict between determinism and Cartesian doubt/solipsism is physically irreconcilable given our current state of scientific knowledge, and will likely remain so into the near future.  Even if finalism and the block universe model are correct, the defeatist nature of their implications can be psychologically overcome by new understandings in Emergence Theory and Multiverse Consciousness. 

8. Did you actually understand and make an attempt to answer question #7, or did you just stare blankly at your screen? BE HONEST.

I did.  

9. Is the person who wrote question #7 a wiseass nerd who watches way too much Monty Python? (Accepted answers: "Yes", "Definitely", and "Absolutely".)


10. What's your favorite Disney movie at the moment? Marvel and Star Wars movies count.

Umm... i keep thinking of Beauty and the Beast.  Haven't seen it in awhile.  I also love Frozen and Big Hero 6.

11. Got any pets?

We have four dogs.  Godzilla, Luna, Shorty, and Qui-Qui.  Luna is mine.

12. What do you do to psych yourself up when you can't find the energy to be creative?

Drink coffee and play chill electronic music.

13. Who would win in a fight: Rene Descartes or Henri Bergson?

Descartes.  He had the jab, and superior grappling skills.  

14. I apologize for that last one, I'll stop now.


15. Question #14 wasn't even a question, and there were only supposed to be 13 in the first place. Is the person writing these an idiot, or is this joke actually somewhat funny?

I'm digging it.  

16. We apologize for the fault in the questions. Those responsible have been sacked.

"Sacked" is British slang for "fired."  They also call an elevator a "lift" and spell words wrong, like "foetus" and "colour."  


"How's it go?  Wowzer-doo!  Chew-goody caramel, Whatchamacallit!  Whatever it is, whatever it was, chocalatey-chocolate!  Whatchamacallit!"

18. Stop it.


19. Do you play video games? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Nope.  Not anymore.  I'd probably still play Soulcalibur V if i could.  That was the only game i played for years and i was very, very good at it.  I'd keep my ranking low and could frequently surprise and whip the shit out of A+ rank players.
....woo, that was fun. 

But sorry, i refuse to tag people.  It is against my way.
So hey, patrons and non-patrons alike!  Just to reiterate what i plan to do in the next few months...

Rest of January: Finishing the 3 Disney Transformations that are already scanned in (preview soon), and getting a head start on February...

February: The majority of this month will no doubt be spent on the epic Slug Transformation Comic, which is the Patreon Perk for the month.  Apart from that, i'd like to do as much as i can on Kamenmaster's sequence (which follows the Rise and Mitsuru Sequences,) and and Ne0natomy's Aquatic Chimera idea/Overgrown Karin, whichever he wants first. 

March: I hope to do the majority of the work on AdamTheJoker's Time Gal Comic, as well as Prodigal-Gamer's Servants/Service Droids commissions, the Bonnie/Liquidboy commission, and hopefully get to work on 5-to-10 character shots for KaijuDuke.  Thrandrall also mentioned some Mushroom-type ideas, but i can't remember if anything definite was confirmed...

....and if i have time in there, i have some lines of Putty Thing and a Gyno-Star/Movement fanart that i might color, if time permits. 

Phew.  It's gonna be busy.  Remember, if you've asked for a drawing commission from me, always feel free to change it at any time, hopefully before i've started it.  I understand it's a bother having to wait weeks or months for me to even begin, but... i guess that's the cost of being somewhat popular.  

I never want to rush or knock out cookie-cutter type commissions like some people do.  Do you know an artist who gets a lot of commissions, but they all have a similar background and similar bland poses, and they're just... not quite as impressive as their previous personal work?  Like they're just drawing them as fast as they can and saying cha-ching! as the money rolls in?

Never.  That's never gonna be me.


Chronorin's Song of the Day for January 19th, 2017 is "Sora" by Yoko Kanno...


Why is Usagi's Inflation Comic my best-selling bonus content by far?… 

21 deviants said It's Sailor Moon.
21 deviants said I have no idea.
18 deviants said It involves inflation.
11 deviants said It's a comic. Comics are cooler than just images.
5 deviants said Other (tell me.)


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