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June and July Patreon Project -- the Raven Comic

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 4:40 AM
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Hey, all my patrons!

And everyone who buys my premium stuff on Gumroad!

I hope you liked the Resident Evil Babes, and there will likely be more on the way. People keep mentioning names like Deborah, Sherry, etc...

Anyway, here's the important thing.  June and July are going to be very unusual for me. There will be a week at the end of June when my best friend will be visiting from Virginia -- we've begun a new tradition of meeting up once a year, which is great. And there will be a week at the end of July when my brother and i will have to drive to Michigan to visit our mother's family, after the death of our grandmother...

...i'm sure i'll get SOME drawing time during those two weeks, but not as much as usual. As a result, i've decided to combine the June & July Patreon Rewards into ONE LARGER PROJECT.

I am going to draw a comic. It will involve Raven from the Teen Titans. And other characters. It will be delightfully sexy. It will be great. The idea was suggested by one of my fans, and i really think it will be something you'll like, something that has the potential to be as popular as the Usagi Balloon Comic!

Usagi's Inflation Comic on Gumroad by Chronorin 

There are two separate possible parts to the Raven Comic, and i hope to get them both done. Along with as many bonus pics as possible.

The only thing is, i know that i won't get this large project done by the end of this month, when my friend will be here. It will take a bit longer.


The next Patreon Reward is a Raven comic, which will be finished at some point in July.

It will be so worth it. You will see.


In other news, i have uploaded all the old videos from last year. Any videos you will see uploaded from now on will be entirely new. I hope you like at least some of my videos, because i love making them.

In other other news! I got mentioned on the second installment of Rebecca Cohen's "The Sauce Podcast"...…

...sort of near the end. Most of it is a spirited discussion of the Wonder Whiners, aka those men who object to the all-female showings of Wonder Woman in Texas.

-- Time Gal Mud Man Transformation Comic for AdamTheJoker
-- Yuna Aeon Sequence -- Metalbicudo
-- Tiamab + Crew (10 pics) for KaijuDuke
-- Fiora Xenogears Sequence for Lusafina
-- Insect Janine for BenjyBum
-- Possible Saiyan5Nine-Tails Commission
-- Overgrown Oni Sakura for Ne0natomy
-- Fuuka Persona WG Sequence for Kamenmaster
-- AntAgonist and Antagone 

If you want to see more art from me, support me on Patreon!

Gumroad Collections:
Resident Evil Babes by Chronorin
Disney Transformations I by Chronorin

  Kat's Transformation on Gumroad by Chronorin  Sailor Scout Transformations at Gumroad by Chronorin
Usagi's Inflation Comic on Gumroad by Chronorin  The 12 Perfect Onis by Chronorin
Slime Furries on Gumroad by Chronorin Daisy and Gosalyn Tasty Paste Sequence on Gumroad by Chronorin

Also, I have a pretty cool ArtStation Page…

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @marclhommedieu

Current Movies: Guardiand of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman.
Current TV Show: Better Call Saul, Gotham.
Current Tunes: Both Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtracks....
Current Foods: Salad and Tilapia.
Current Drinks: Folger's Instant.
Currently Feeling: ....somewhat gassy and remorseful.

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-- The Skull.

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-- Stewie Griffin.


Personal Shit: VAY-CAYSHUN!!

Hey there are you wonderful people.  Well, the vacation has officially begun... my friend arrived late last night around midnight... all we did was hang out and bullshit, watch Logan, and haul in all his audio equipment from his car... man, he brought a LOT of equipment that I don't even really understand.

I'll be honest, I thought Logan was just okay, not the masterpiece some said it was.  I wanted to see much more of the world, and not just... endless driving and stabbing.  When Charles died, I thought, is that it?  That's it?  No revelations, no final anything?  Killed by a Loganclone and that's it?  Meh!

Anyway... everyone else is still asleep.  I'm up early, trying to switch over to a day schedule, which is always difficult.  So i'm just gonna sit here in the dining room with mah laptop and work on some more Time Gal Panels... 

I'm not sure what's gonna happen today but it'll probably be fun,

Tiamab's Crew: Tiamab
...blam!  The queen bee of :iconkaijuduke: KaijuDuke's menagerie!  

Tiamab, blessed be her name, Queen of All the Cosmos and our Hearts.  OBEY.
Personal Shit: The Imminent Vacation

Whew.... okay. I've been sitting here for over a day, just drawing, drawing, and drawing.  All the panels to Daphne and Time Gal are finally scanned in -- and i went back and added new ones to fill it out even more.  Wow, this thing is basically gonna be 24 full images long...

I have a Tiamab ready to complete, a Yuna Cricket in the works, and of course, i've just started sketching out BubbleGum Raven... so much, so much stuff!

However... in two days, i'm going to have to pause things.  My best friend will be visiting for five days, and we'll be doing other things. We're just gonna work on some videos, watch a lot of movies, walk the dogs around, talk about life, and who knows, maybe even get toasted?  Nicely toasted?

I know, this seems like a bother, to have all these great drawings delayed, but you know how i just work ALL the time.  A break is sometimes needed!  This is the only time of the year when i won't be doing stuff... Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's?  No breaks there.

So.... yes.  That is what is happening.  Five days.  Starting Saturday night.

Wish me luck.  

Whoah!  My brother let Luna and Shorty out the back door, and they rushed and tried to attack a small possum in the yard... we thought they had killed it (they once killed a poor bunny...), but the possum was playing possum.  And it got up a few minutes later and waddled away without a scratch.

I forgot that possums played possum and that it actually works.  

Be nice to possums, they are good animals. 

Huh... i'm not a fan of Moby's fast music, but this is an incredible video!  Chronorin's Song of the Day for June 22nd, 2017 is "In a Cold Place" by Moby and the Void Pacific Choir...

...They say some conservatives don't like how Trump is portrayed here...
Personal Shit: The Legend of Nilley

I mean, isn't it?  2017 has been a pretty dynamite year so far... look, it's only June, but i've already finished as many drawings as i did by September in 2016.  I am months ahead!


Ugh, the air conditioning is broken in my car, and also at work.  I don't like being sticky all the time.

Yikes, patrons are dropping me, and there's lots of "declined" and "fraud" in my Patreon feed.  I feel like my stock is dropping.  What to do?  


To go along with the upcoming Time Gal Comic, i will draw a bonus sexy mud picture of Princess Daphne/Kimberly of Space Ace fame, that will be available to all patrons -- and all patrons only.  It will never be had anywhere else!  Remember when the Wu-Tang clan recorded an album and only made one copy and that rich asshole Martin Shkreli bought it?  This is like that.


Support me on Patreon to get this drawing when it is completed! $1, $2, $5, or $10, all patrons will get it!


Gosh, i should have two days off here... enough time to start that drawing, as well as the Raven Comic, which will be glorious but not ready by the first of July -- sometime later, i'm afraid.  But oh, i'm excited to start.

However, the reason i have two days off is kind of worrying.  Miss K is not working tomorrow, and normally they would have me fill her spot... but instead, they gave that overtime shift to.... The Nilley?  

Have i ever told you about the Nilley?

That's not his real name.

The Nilley is the only person at my job worse than Carl.  He's a middle-aged man with foul body odor and rotten teeth.  He eats an enormous amount of food each day.  In the words of one former coworker -- "Dude, i saw Nilley come in and he was carrying five bags of food and a 12-pack of Mello Yello, and so i thought, how nice, he brought food for everybody, but... it was all just for him!"

But that's not what makes the Nilley bad.  What makes the Nilley bad is that he's a snitch.  

He has this chipper, effeminate, Ned Flanders-esque manner about him, and he chats and gabbles and minces about like a silly old lady... but beneath it, he's scheming.  Despite being a horrible and lazy employee himself, he wants to snitch on everyone else.  

Sometimes, he just makes things up.  He invents rumors and half-truths and baseless, weird accusations against people.  He once told everyone that i snitched on him, and that he was going to get me fired, when nothing of the sort happened.  (He was just mad because i wouldn't let his wife on the property, because the girl i was working with wasn't comfortable doing it, because it's against regulations.)

He is a sad, sad, damaged and horrible person.  Whenever new people start, we warn them of the Nilley.  Do not be fooled by the Nilley, because no matter how much he chatters and flutters about, he's wretched and shady to the core.  

I'm glad to have two days off, but the fact that the Nilley has my overtime is troublesome.  It must not become a trend.  He should stay at Workplace-O, where he belongs.

Chronorin's Song of the Day for June 19th, 2017 is "Parakeet" by REM.


43 deviants said I HAVE NOT SEEN BUT I WILL SOON!!!
20 deviants said It's a cut above the other DC films, that's for sure...
18 deviants said I liked it a lot! Now i want to see Justice League a lot more than i did before!
8 deviants said Other (tell me.)
7 deviants said It was okay, but not my favorite or anything.
4 deviants said Make Mine Marvel! DC sucks batballs!
1 deviant said I have no interest in seeing it, however, i SHALL argue fervently online about whether the all-female showings were discriminatory or not. I don't like movies, i just like DRAMA.
No deviants said Total feminist garbage propaganda! No woman is actually that strong in real life!


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Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I'm almost afraid to ask how you'll interpret CNN being exposed as truly, 100% Fake News...
Chronorin Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, that's a tricky one.  It's funny, I read this comment on my phone as my friend and I were driving around Franklin TN, which is a lovely town -- it's where Miley Cyrus was born, and Jack White lives in there somewhere, along with a lot of other big musical people.

Anyway, we were listening to the CNN program on his satellite fancy radio... they were reporting on Donald Trump, the stalling of the Trumpcare bill in the Senate, and breaking news of new chaos out of North Korea.  It's... it's good to know that none of that was real.  Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer didn't actually exchange words; there's no such person as Donald Trump, no such person as Chuck Schumer.  It's all just -- what, like actors reading lines?  Androids? Clones?  Digital projections?  The Matrix?  But certainly all fake, because some rando on the internet said so.  How can that be questioned?  What is a Senate?  There is no Senate.  Just more illusions.  Trumpcare, Mitch McConnell... they were never born.  All fake.

North Korea.  It doesn't exist, right?  Or maybe everything they say about North Korea is wrong.  Maybe there's no such person as Kim Jong-UN and in reality, North Korea is a peaceful democracy led by the benevolent President Marvin Collins.  How can we know?  All media is fake.  All fake.  100% fake.

By the way, my friend said you sound "100% dumb."  He calls them like he sees them, I suppose. 
Speedy2llama Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Here's something i've give way for someone random:…
It come with a few tips ;)
Chronorin Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
What is dat?
Speedy2llama Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Let you guess, its came with obviously answer.
Chronorin Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
(1 Reply)
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Just a little something...…
Chronorin Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist

Some are happy, some not.…

But i ask you, can you appreciate the hypocrisy of Trump's stance?  Ostensibly, he's reaffirming the policy that failed for 50 years -- that if we cut off Cuba from the rest of the world enough, the Castro regime will be overthrown.  It hasn't worked.  At the same time he claims moral purity in Cuba, Trump is snuggling up to every oppressive authoritarian regime he can -- Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Duterte in the Philippines.  He seems to LOVE authoritarians, despise our Democratic allies.... do you think that, if he was so committed to "human rights," he be aggressively getting trademarks in China to increase his own personal wealth and suckle at the teat of a nation that violates human right more in one day than Cuba does all year?

It's breathtakingly random.  

I'm not sure what the psychology is here; either Trump doesn't really care about Cuba and is giving the GOP something they want, or he simply gets a sick sort of glee in undoing everything Obama did, or he gets a thrill out of hurting countries where he has no chance of putting a Trump Hotel.

What is his reason, do you think?  Please don't say "because he cares so much about Cubans!"  If so, explain why an authoritarian regime in Cuba is so much worse than those in Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, etc.

Are you still on the Trump bandwagon?  He's already proven to be more incompetent and deranged than even i expected.  

Oh well, Cuba, Schmuba.  The big news is the super-secret Senate healthcare bill that openly shits in the face of his campaign promises.
Even most Senators can't say what's in it, except that it'll bankrupt a lot of families so that the rich can get a 600 billion tax cut.  I would ask you to defend, that, but i don't think you will (or can.)
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I see you're still busy training yourself for the Mental Gymnastics division of the Hatefulness Delusion Olympics...

Keep working hard, buddy, you'll get that gold medal!

Seriously though... you're just regurgitating the same old same old from the Left.

Just because I don't hate Trump doesn't mean I love him. Unless you've suddenly reversed your stance on the validity of George Bush's 'With us or against us' spiel?

And yeah, he despises England so much that he... sent tweets of encouragement and support...

B-B-But he hates Sweden so much that he... has been bringing national media attention to something that independent news has been talking about for years... the rape gangs, the migrant flooding, the Islamist takeover...

Sorry man. I don't love Trump, but I'm not going to let the fake narratives fly anymore.
Chronorin Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Wait, what?

Nothing you typed has any bearing on the conversation.  Where did England and Sweden come from?  If you're talking about Trump's tweets to England, the most recent story is that he misinterpreted Sadiq Khan's call to not be alarmed at the increased police presence as a call to not be alarmed at terrorism in general.  He made a complete fool of himself on the world stage, as usual.


The issue was Cuba.  You sent me a link to someone who supports his actions towards Cuba, which implies that you approve of the hard-line stance, and believe that the Cuban people must be punished so that they are compelled to overthrow Raul Castro -- which, again, hasn't worked in 50 years.  But if you support it, then i also infer that you believe it will be effective in time; either that, or you do not believe it will be effective, but believe that the US must take a "moral purity" stance against regimes that violate human rights.

This is not a "fake narrative."  This is reality.  This is either-or.  The hard line or the softening of the line.  Which do you support?  In truth, neither option is ideal.  I'm pointing out that the hard line is ineffective, and that the moral purity angle is hypocritical for the reasons stated.

You do not seem to have a coherent response, but if you do, i'd like to hear it.

If you don't hate Trump at this point, you're not paying attention.  60% of the public already gets it.  I'm not saying you should hate him as a person, or wish him harm, because if his physical and mental states are as deteriorated as they appear, then he deserves pity more than anything.  But yes, you should hate his actions, and hate what he's doing to our country.
(1 Reply)
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