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2017.... Level Completed. Unlocked: Year 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 31, 2017, 9:46 AM
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Holy moly... can you believe that 2017 is over?


I remained alive and productive with no major catastrophes.  My dogs are still doglike.  I worked a lot, drew a lot of drawings, made some cool videos, and met some great new people.

Major thanks to my patrons!  You guys have made all of my wildest dreams come partially true.  And that's a good start.

This year... i spent pretty much every night at Workplace-K, which is a wonderful place.  My best friend and i had a pretty kick-ass vacation.  i got a crush on a girl, was rejected, and nothing came of it.  (Sigh.)  I took the dogs to the River a lot.  I spent more time than usual alone, because there aren't many coworkers at my job that i can truly vibe with.  (I miss Erin and Bryan and Isaiah and Lewis and too many others...) 

I went to the theater a lot.  It's the one fun thing i still do since i no longer drink and i'm too busy to do anything else.

Wonder Woman was probably my favorite movie of the year.  

Twin Peaks returned after 25 years, and you have no idea how huge that is, probably.  I wish i could fully explain.... Twin Peaks.  I'm not sure if anyone can.  

I saw a solar eclipse!  That was... August 21st?  Holy hell, i can't believe that was just over four months ago.  It was pretty amazing, and i'm glad i took the time to drive back to the 'Boro to see it.  (A partial eclipse is meh, a total eclipse is all that matters!)  

I didn't drink at all this year.  Total sobriety... except for a couple of doses of THC-laced coconut oil while on vacation.  That stuff is strong.


.... obviously, my first goal in 2018 is finishing up all the projects left over from 2017.  There's still 4 Fuukas and 2 Fioras and a Gelga and a lot of Overgrown Onis left to do....

...but after that?

I have so many ideas for comics and drawings.  You will probably like them.  I have a hunch you will like them.  

The one thing that might change is that i will no longer be able to do EVERY commission that comes my way.  I... i made a mistake in 2017 by agreeing to way too much.  This is unfair to me, and to my commissioners.

I hate telling someone 6 months later that i'm FINALLY ready to start their commission, and they say "Oh?  I kinda forgot about that..."  I totally understand, and it sucks.  

My default answer is always "yes."  If someone asks me for help on some random task, i instinctively say yes.  If someone asks me if i want to watch some movie i may not even like,  i instinctively say yes.  I never want to feel like i'm missing out, and i don't like to turn people down...

...but, i only have so much time.  I'll never be able to draw these ideas that hundreds of people might love if i feel obligated to draw every single thing people want.

Once i get to the bottom of the Queue, i want to start doing what VanHeist does -- spend 80% of my time on big ideas, and then, every once in a while, opening up 3 commission slots.  That way, the ideas are fresh, and they can be done in good time.


You know?

2018 is going to be an even better year than 2017.  

I feel like i learned a lot in 2017, especially when it comes to making comics.  My comics will get better and better. 

What drawings am i most happy with this year?

Symbiote VII: Dark Jasmine by Chronorin  Symbiote XVIII: Tavi the Eldritch by Chronorin  Quasar Daniels II by Chronorin
Trakeena's Mirror by Chronorin  Yuna: Lucky Cricket Dressphere by Chronorin  Symbiote XX: Feline Bayonetta by Chronorin

Symbiote IX: Zero Slime Samus by Chronorin  Jessica Krupnick is... Madame Ink! by Chronorin  The Audimated Man by Chronorin

I think Dark Jasmine was my favorite drawing, and ALSO my most popular!  That never happpens!

Anyway.... how are you guys doing?  What was the year like for you, and what do you hope to see in 2018?


The Symbiote List 

These people are still entitled to a symbiote!

Brett G. -- (donated to Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger/Seer99) Tempora & Inferno
D. -- 
CycKath -
- Moria 
Mary C. --
N. --  Viper/Madame Hydra
P. -- 
 567272 -- 
Jem L. -- 

The Buu List

YRPOtaku169 -
- (donated to MusicalMarche) 
N. -- Ludmilla
D.K. -- Korra & Asami
AcornTops -- April O'Neil
HydroShinobi -- Sakura & Hinata
Bonus Buu: Faye Valentine

Other Projects:

-- Trakeena for Autopilot633
-- Disney Transformations II
-- Fuuka Persona WG Sequence for Kamenmaster
-- AntAgonizer/Antagone
-- Tiamab + Crew (10 pics) for KaijuDuke
-- Overgrown Oni Sakura/Tsunade for Ne0natomy
-- Mint Julep III for LordAltros
-- Peach Koopa & Peach Toadstool -- Ne0natomy/DK
-- BeeMonster Girl -- Cannibalix
-- Golden Lara Croft Short Comic
-- Mud Honey etc
 for Hai-Society
-- Bubblegum Raven II Comic
-- Amphibian/Reptile Sequence
--  Resident Evil II : T-Virus ("Tyrant" strain) Jill Valentine, 
T-Virus ("Hunter" strain) Rebecca Chambers,
                  T-Abyss Virus Rachel Foley
T-Veronica/G-Virus Deborah Harper, 
                  T-Veronica Claire Redfield

If you want to see more art from me, support me on Patreon!

Gumroad Collections:
Merging with Minerva by Chronorin  Rick and Morty Babes by Chronorin
  Bubblegum Raven Comic on Gumroad by Chronorin  Resident Evil Babes by Chronorin
Disney Transformations I by Chronorin  Kat's Transformation on Gumroad by Chronorin
  Sailor Scout Transformations at Gumroad by Chronorin  Usagi's Inflation Comic on Gumroad by Chronorin
  The 12 Perfect Onis by Chronorin  Daisy and Gosalyn Tasty Paste Sequence on Gumroad by Chronorin

Also, I have a pretty cool ArtStation Page…

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @marclhommedieu

Current Movies: The Last Jedi.
Current TV Show: Steven Universe
Current Tunes: Asia, Yes, and The Midnight.
Current Foods: Cauliflower tots
Current Drinks: Folger's Instant.
Currently Feeling: yearsy!

Zoel Loftsara Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Murk Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Garden Slug Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Alexis Kingsley Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps  Synthea Stamp by Acaciathorn-Stamps………


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"A man shitting in a hat is not enough; he must shit in two hats, and then spill one of them." -- Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

"That is most of it, being a wizard -- seeing and listening. The rest is technique."
-- Schmendrick the Magician

"When I was alive, I believed -- as you do -- that time was at least as real and solid as myself, and probably more so. I said 'one o'clock' as though I could see it, and 'Monday' as though I could find it on the map; and I let myself be hurried along from minute to minute, day to day, year to year, as though I were actually moving from one place to another. Like everyone else, I lived in a house bricked up with seconds and minutes, weekends and New Year's Days, and I never went outside until I died, because there was no other door. Now I know that I could have walked through the walls."

-- The Skull.

"The first duty in life is to assume a pose. What the second is, no one has yet discovered."
--Oscar Wilde

“Meaning is not in things but in between them."
-- Norman O. Brown

You're never going to find true happiness, what are you gonna do, cry about it?"
-- Weird Al Yankovic

"What's wrong with running away from reality when it sucks?"
-- Shinji Ikari.

"Life IS pain, your highness. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something."
-- Westley, The Princess Bride

"I'm not in the business of seeing whatever pleases YOU."
-- Master Shake

"This is why i hate middle-aged people -- all they want is attention."
-- Super Milk-Chan

"Comedy is a dying artform. But tragedy? Now THAT'S funny."
-- Bender

"Principal Skinner is an old man who lives at the school. I had to go to his office once because i was dirty."
-- Ralph Wiggum

"The Durions had won the day, but left behind were Bruidd ruins; for the Bruidd had left a Sign, or a Poem, as some would say, and some would not."
-- Stephen Gooch

"He who would break a thing to know what it is has left the path of wisdom."
-- Gandalf.

"The Universe is not mystical in how it exists, but in that it exists."
-- Ludwig Wittgenstein.

"All you need is love. Love is all you need."
-- John Lennon.

"There's no such thing as love. It's just another puffed-up word used by Madison Avenue to sell their skin creams and two-seater cars!"
-- Stewie Griffin.


When there's trouble, you know who to call...

Two things!

In the last few days, i've seen a few deviants return here that i thought were gone forever.  A couple of them were from the "good old days" of 2005... which, as i've written about before, was the Year of Teen Titans...

...because we were not yet living in the time of Entertainment Overload.  There was no Marvel Cinematic Universe, no DC Cinematic Universe, no Korrasami, no.... lots of stuff.

It seemed like for an entire year or so, all we had were the Teen Titans.  Drawings of Raven, Terra, and Starfire were EVERYWHERE.

I went back and made a small change to my favorite Terra drawing -- basically, i put some hair over her ear because her ear just seemed too big and clumsy...

Terra: I am the Reign by Chronorin

Now it's perfect?

Second thing!  Patreon Patrons!

At this point, it's clear that it would be irresponsible for me to start a new project in February.... i have too many unfinished things.  

Officially, February is Catch-Up month. I will need this time to finish all the Disney pics, all the Symbiotes, all the Buus, and a lot of other random things you'll probably like.

Nearly all of this will be posted publicly here on DeviantArt; however, i do promise you a steady stream of previews and Nude Versions of the Buus.

Nude Buus.  

Hopefully, by March 1st, i'll have enough cleared out to begin some massive new comic or project.  Thank you for sticking with me!  You guys are still the reason why i'm not doing ANY overtime at my job.  

Holy crap, did it snow yesterday.  Snow is somewhat rare around here.

The good news is that i actually got to come home from work on time, which was a miracle.  The bad news is that it's too cold to go outside and walk in the snow, because now it's about 7 degrees.  (About -14 Celsius).  The dogs are not happy about that....

...hey, i finally finished a little pwnage video on TJ Kirk, aka The Amazing Atheist.  Just a little bit of snarky, autistic fun!

....and now i'm drawing Buus and symbiotes and everything is fine.


You know how i like to argue with conservatives and Trumpers, right?  Some liberals these days will lose their cool and say something like "if you support Trump, go away!  Don't look at my work, i don't want you as a fan!  Even if i lose fans, that's fine!"

I say the opposite. 

If you are a Trump fan, stay.  

Stay and be exposed to my LIBERAL AWESOMENESS.

Although i love to argue with the other side, there is ONE argument i am tired of having.  It goes like this every time...

THEM: "How dare you be mean to conservatives.  What did they ever do to you?"

ME: "Ever since the dawn of the modern conservative era -- from Nixon on -- conservatives/Republicans have governed horribly -- they start unnecessary wars in Vietnam/Iraq and feed young Americans into a meat grinder for corporate profits; they seek to bankrupt the government and destroy the social safety net in favor of lower taxes on the wealthy; their policies destroy the middle class and send jobs overseas; they engage in bigotry and hatred towards marginalized people; opposing gay marriage, etc, and rule almost entirely through harnessing the anger of aging, bitter white men; Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Michael Savage, Pat Buchanan, Jim Bakker, Chris Christie, Joe Arpaio, Roy Moore, Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump -- all of these are horrible, sick people who make things worse.  And now we have the younger alt-right ushering in a revitalization of white supremacy and vengeful Gamergate-style misogyny."

THEM: "Yeah, but none of that is conservative, though."

ME: ...............(facepalm)

Tackling TJ Part I: The Attitude Era
...just a fun little video about the weird contradictions of TJ Kirk, aka The Amazing Atheist.  It's all in good fun.

To the Faithful Departed...

Ahhhh crap.  You know what i have in my head right now?  Rants.  Rants upon rants about politics and Star Wars and Rey and Korra and Kylo Ren and ten thousand other things...

....but i don't want to spend all the time writing them down here.  I should turn them into videos instead.  Status update rants are ephemeral; Youtube videos can be eternal.  

My work week is almost over, and it's been a rough one.  We got a small Arctic blast of snow and ice, and since this area doesn't get much snow, a little is all it takes to wreak havoc... it wasn't so bad, it just meant staying late at work a few times and thus getting home too late to DO anything.

Heh... my workplace is at the bottom of a very steep hill.  If there is ice on the hill, you can drive down, but you won't be able to drive back up.  During the Great Snow of 2016, Carl and Old Jimmy were stuck at work for almost three days...

...there is a fix, though.  All you do is park at the small church at the top of the hill, and either walk down (which takes at least 25 minutes) or call the Control Room and have one of the Metro guys come pick you up in the 4-wheel drive truck that can get up the Hill.

(The other day, we had to do that, which meant being squished into the cab with Carl right beside me.  Ewwww....)

Anyway, tonight we're supposed to get another blast of snow.  I'll be watching the roads all night, hoping they don't turn to ice.  Because i don't want to get stuck there for 16 hours.  I want to come home, go to sleep, and then wake up and start again on the Buu Girls...

....i drew most of them out last weekend, but while two of them were fine, i decided to start over on the others.  They were not good enough!  They must be better than just okay, because just okay doesn't cut it anymore!  THIS IS 2018!!!

Sigh... the sad news today is that Delores O'Riordan, the lead singer of the Cranberries, died suddenly at age 46...


...farewell, you magnificent Irish creature.  

Is it okay for giant "liberal" tech companies like Google, Twitter, etc, to discriminate against people with conservative views that they feel are harmful? 

45 deviants said No! Never! These intolerant liberals have gone too far. Political beliefs should be considered a protected and sacrosanct part of one's identity.
30 deviants said Sure, why not. Conservatives have long defended "at will" employment, i.e. the right of a Christian organization to choose not to employ Satanists. Now that the tables have turned against them, they don't like it, do they?
20 deviants said I don't care.
12 deviants said Other (tell me.)


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0rangeleaves Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Here’s a petition to bring your favorite characters, like sally acorn and the freedom fighter in the IDW comic series. would you like to put your support on petition, to bring back the freedom fighters into the IDW comic series, by any chance?…
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hey man...

Nothing like perspective to make you appreciate things you turned your back on when they frustrated you.

Kinda like the new Star Wars films.

I kept finding things to attack the prequels over. Getting on their case, running them ragged...

But after seeing how much worse it could get with Force Awakens and Last Jedi, it made me appreciate the prequel trilogy so much more.

So appreciate that while flawed, they still *felt* like Star Wars at heart.

Same with people...

... as it turns out. -_-

There's something about dealing with someone who is downright CRAZED, who has taken to toxicity and burning bridges left and right, taking offers of apology and hatchet-burying and slapping them away, making tweets about me being a Nazi Sympathizer for having the audacity to suggest *CONVERTING* them away from Nazism rather than just punching them, such as the work of a fantastically courageous black man whose closets are stuffed with the white hoods and swastikas of Nazis and KKKers he convinced to leave their organizations.

This person proceeded to tweet, using strategically cut-off screencaps of my words and a lot of artists blocked me without letting me explain what they did or the context thereof.

We've always disagreed, but you never did THAT. Nothing even close.

This same person accused me of being Trans-phobic because I said that while it's decent to respect someone's preferred pronouns, it should not be enforced by law.



The bisexual, inflatophillic furry who plays in an IRL tabletop group that looks like it was assembled by a Diversity propagandist (1 Japanese guy, 1 black girl, 2 Phillipinos and 1 Hispanic) with the other five being white guys of varying backgrounds, the guy who said the Trump Trans ban was bullshit... is a Transphobic Nazi. X_X

I'd rather have a friend who thinks I'm wrong than a former friend who thinks I'm *evil*.

And occasionally through our butting of heads, we learned something.

So as I did some years prior, I want to do this New Year resolution a solid.

You and I are *never* likely going to agree politically. We're probably more likely to think the other is downright unwell rather than clear-thinking in his politics.

I called you some pretty lousy things and you right back at me and we tried to out-smug eachother.

But none of that means that we can't return to roots of things we do like.

Curvy action babes, kickass women, and gals who change into goo and bugs ;)

I'm a little bit country. And you're a little bit rock and roll.

Let's Big and Rich this up!

What do you say, old chum?

Bury the hatchet? Leave our politics at the door and keep to mutual appreciations?

Life's too short to stay mad at someone if there's a chance to mend the fence, by golly.

Even if you don't, bud, I appreciate the time you took to read this.

Happy New Year, amigo!
Chronorin Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Well, okay.  Let the cycle begin ANEW.

I should warn you though, i do really love The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.  I've made one video about it so far, and i'm making a new one as we speak.  You should watch them both.

And, needless to say, my disgust of Trump has not waned one bit.  TRUMP'S GOIN' DOWN.     ^__^
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
We'll discuss politics some day.

But not today.

I'm sure you'll be just as cheesed at Trump seven years from now when his second term closes as you are now and you'll bitterly fill your less expensive car with cheaper gas while righteously shaking your fist at the cheeto-in-chief who had the audacity to make America Great Again while *not* being a Democrat, but till that day, let's talk about stuff that makes us happy.

Life's too short to boil blood with politics and nothing but ;P

But yeah, Star Wars...

I loved TFA when it first came out!

But then I saw it again >_<

And it just kinda... waxed and waned.

The more I thought about it, the more fundamentally *wrong* it felt.

Don't get me wrong... I like the new characters.

What disappointed me was JJ Abrams usual, lazy, mystery box bullheap (How did the shattered Imperial remnant even AFFORD that? Who the hell was Darth Smeagol? Why did Leia and the rebels, who had won back the reins of the galaxy, decide instead of running it, to hide in the woods and call themselves 'The Resistance', while fighting against the Emp-errr... Zee Furst Ordah!? What the hell planets got deep-sixed when Starkiller [whose means of fueling itself is a FAR MORE effective weapon than the shooty part] fired off?) and the fact he could not reconcile BOTH sets of characters shining at once and had to diminish the old to make the new ones look better just left a foul taste.

All the other crap I could deal with if not for two things that fundamentally *destroyed* TFA for me and made anything built on that foundation doomed to ruin from the start.

Han and Luke ran away.

When their families and the galaxy needed them the most, they ran away. Extremely not like them.

I DO NOT buy it.

Not for a New York second.

My brothers introduced me to the Star Wars novels to get me enthused about reading when I was little. They helped me learn to read using them... And they're some of my fondest memories of childhood. I grew up reading the Jedi Academy trilogy, the Han Solo trilogy, the Courtship of Princess Leia, the adventures of Jacen and Jaina Solo and their friends Lowbacca and Tennel Ka... (All the pre-New Jedi Order books, which were written by moody edgelords who turned the Star Wars galaxy into one big brood fest, reading like 'My Immortal' but with better grammar.

And those depictions, struggling to unite a galaxy not used to living free under a New Republic banner while rebuilding the Jedi Order and later following the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia while Luke taught them... those, and the original films, the X-Wing, KOTOR 1 and 2 and Jedi Knight games and even the prequels later, were what defined Star Wars for me.

These new films?

Rogue One aside, because that film makes me jizz in my pants, these new films don't feel at all like Star Wars.

More like expensive fan fiction.

Anyway, that's about the long and the short of it regarding my feelings on TFA and TLJ.

Pricey fanfiction.

When it comes to the films...

... at least for me and mine...

... this is The End.…
Chronorin Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

After the fall of Vader and Palpatine, the Rebellion defeated the Empire, the last major battle being the battle of Jakku (leaving loads of dead Star Destroyers for scrappers to plunder.)  The Imperial Remnant fled to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy to regroup.  There were some in the New Republic that were in favor of hunting them down to the last man, but after decades of conflict, the desire to ignore and rebuild was too strong.

Out in the Unknown Regions, the dying Imperial Remnant eventually came to a planet ruled by Snoke.  They sought an alliance with him, fully intending to betray him and plunder his world.  This Snoke was a decaying, elderly tyrant from an unknown race, who had been pushed aside by others of kind.  Brooding on the edge of his former realm, keeping his shriveled body alive, he planned revenge... until these Imperial fools fell into his lap.

While Snoke was diminished in his own society, he was like a god to the humans who didn't even have a SINGLE Force-sensitive leader among them.  This was astonishing to Snoke, who had Force abilities that could operate at great distances.  For him, it was child's play to destroy the leaders of the former Empire and bend the rest to his will.  And for thirty years he steadily and savagely rebuilt the Empire in his own image, calling it the First Order.  They raided planets and abducted children as slaves, and brutally indoctrinated them into a culture of total obedience.

The New Republic enjoyed 30 years of relative peace, but realized their mistake when the First Order began to encroach upon them.  

The "Resistance" were those forces operating illegally within First Order territory, disavowed by the Republic.  (There really should have been more scenes establishing this.)

The struggle between the New Republic and the First Order was steady and ongoing.  After Han's son fell to the Dark Side, he did run away from Leia.  They had grown apart, and he probably did not feel needed -- one old smuggler amongst thousands of fighters.

Luke, of course, was crippled by his own failure, and his guilt in causing Ben Solo's fall.

The thing i like most about Luke's fall was that he fell victim to the same inescapable paradox as his father.  Anakin's fear of losing Padme is what ultimately caused him to lose her; there is a Buddhist element to the Force, after all -- overwhelming desire to hold on to things is, as Yoda says, destructive.  Likewise, Luke's fear of Ben Solo is, as Rey points out, the exact thing that causes what he fears most.  

Inescapable paradox.  A wheel that never stops turning.  
(1 Reply)
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Chronorin Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Curt Sibling?

I really couldn't say.  With some artists, it's hard to tell what they really believe, and what they just find funny or interesting.  I'm not sure what's going on with him, since he blocked me.  
Hidden by Owner
Chronorin Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you.  

I am definitely a liberal, but not a SJW.  In fact, one of the first videos i ever made on my Youtube Channel was about how much i hate arguing with SJWs!  Check it out...…  
(1 Reply)
Dangerguy01 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DA Watch Thanks 2 sm by Dangerguy01  
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